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Solarnation provides end-to-end solar solutions to industries. With us as solar energy partners, our clients get 40% of the investment back as energy savings in the first year and a total payback period of 5 years. Following that, free electricity for the rest of the solar panel lifespan of 25 years.

Benefits of Solar Solutions For Industrial & Commercial

  • Free Energy & Great Return on Investment : Solarnation provides energy at no extra cost for the rest of the 25 years (lifespan of solar panel)
  • Solar Energy with No Load Restriction : Solar Grid tie inverter is designed to convert solar power into utility grade electricity and synchronize it with the local electricity power grid supply. You can run any heavy machinery with the appropriate solar power plant configuration.
  • Secure Your Energy Needs : Installing a solar system guarantees a lifelong and permanent source of your own free power station, with no fluctuation in supply or price.
  • Energy Reliability : Solar Energy system guarantees energy reliability, as it is not affected by geopolitical issues like labour strike in plant or unpredictable electricity costs etc.
  • Fight Against Global Warming : Solar is a pollution free energy solution that strives to secure the energy needs of our coming generations.
  • Solar is pure, clean, without noise and almost zero maintenance.