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Luminous Solar Hybrid UPS is a microcontroller based Pure Sine Wave hybrid UPS with high efficiency. It accepts hybrid charging from both solar and mains with priority to solar. Luminous Solar Home UPS have all the required protection against high temperatures, short circuit and overloading. It ensures lower battery charging time and maximum solar utilization. Luminous Solar UPS are available in the range of 850VA & 1500VA with inbuilt Charge Controllers with a wide choice of PV modules from 400Wp to 1000Wp.

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  • Luminous Inverter is of its first kind Home UPS that delivers both AC & DC output
  • It gives up to 1000 Watt PV Module solar panel compatibility
  • It has Intelligent fuzzy logic for maximum utilization of solar energy
  • Its Pure sine wave output provides better performance & safety to the connected load
  • Electricity savings of 3 to 5 units per day.
  • Solar hybrid Inverter with inbuilt PWM Charge controller
  • Running Load: 5 lights, 5 Ceiling Fan, 1 Television, 1 Water Cooler
  • It supports all brands of Battery
  • It has input of  24V
Technical Details

Wave Type: Pure Sine WaveRated Capacity: 1.5KVAVoltage Window (eco mode): Voltage window (UPS mode): 180V – 260 VFull Battery Recharge Time: 10-12 HrsCharge Controller Rating: 40 Amp/ 24VDC Load Output: 12 V / 5 AmpProtection: Overload, deep discharge, short-circuit, Battery low cut off


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